Arcane Legends - Warrior Skills Guide

Here are the Warrior skills, upgrades and descriptions.

Skyward Smash

   • Skyward Smash: 22.5 mana/stamina, 4 second cooldown, 12meter range, 8-10 damage + damage on critical. This skill will always be present in both tanking warriors and PvP warriors, with different points assigned but always at least 3 attributes.
   • Seismic Slam: when striking down with a charged skyward smash, the range of damage you unleash is increased to 6 meters.
   • Thundering Hammer: your skyward smash attacks will now do an additional 10% damage.
   • Quaking Earth: when crashing down with your skyward smash, enemies receiving damage will also have a 25% chance of being stunned in place [awesome for PvP]
   • Effortless Execution: after landing a successful blow on an enemy with your skyward smash, you have 25% chance of having 20 mana returned back to you. [good for PvE when dealing with battles that last a lot, specially with bosses.]

Chest Splitter

   • Chest Splitter: 16.25 Mana, 3 sec cool-down, 4.5m range, 8-10 damage, increased damage on critical.
   • Extended Reach: Increase the maximum number of target struck with chest splitter by 1.
   • Decimation: Enemies slain by this attack have a 25% chance with the normal chest splitter and 45% with the charged chest splitter to explode, causing high damage to other enemies around them.
   • Relentless Strike: Gives normal hits a 30% chance and charged hits a 50% chance to knock enemies away from you.
   • Staggering Blow: Hits from the chest splitter will interrupt an enemy’s attack windups, as well as provide a 20% chance to disorient them. good for boss battles when tanking


    •Windmill: 21.6 mana, 10 sec cooldown, 4meter range, 7-9 damage to up to 3 targets within 4meter. [windmill is very good when fighting multiple mobs and trying to keep the aggro on you and also good in pvp since you don't need to target individual targets]
   • Increased Radius: Increase the range of the windmill attack to 6 meters.
   • Blender: Damage increased by 15% for every strike from windmill.
   • Prolonged Spin: Increases the duration of Windmill by 25%.
   • Cripple: A charged Windmill attack snares affected targets for 5 seconds.

Axe Throw

   • Axe Throw: 17.5 mana, 7 sec cooldown, 16meter range, 6-8 damage, increased damage on a critical.
   • Denting Blow: Enemies that are hit by your thrown weapon will receive a 10% reduction in armor.
   • Concussion: Your throwing axe now has a 25% chance of stunning an opponent it hits.
   • Blacksmith Touch: Enemies will receive 15% additional damage when hit by your thrown weapon.
   • Chained Bait: Once your weapon is attached to your enemy, they will be pulled within melee range.


    • Juggernaut: 20.5 mana, 45 sec cool-down, temporarily increase health by 300. charging increasese health by 500.
    • Ignore Pain: Ignore 20% of all incoming damage.
    • Second Wind: If you fall below 25% health, you will have a 50% chance to cast a self heal.
    • Unstoppable: Charged Juggernaut removes movement-impairing effects.
    • Bring It On: Charging Juggernaut will taunt all surrounding enemies.

Rally Cry

    • Rally Cry: 14 Mana, 20 seconds cool-down, increase armor by 5% for 8 seconds.
    • Lungs of Might: All beneficial effects applied from the warhorn are increased by 50%.
    • Call to Arms: Releasing a charged Rallying Cry will cause nearby allies to receive buffs.
    • Songs of the Fallen: Receive a buff from your warhorn that boosts your dodge chance by 25% for a short duration.
    • Forced March: A charged blow from your horn increases movement speed by 10%.

Vengeful Blood

    • Vengeful Blood: 17 Mana, 30 seconds cooldown, 4-6 mana recharge every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
    • Acute Strike: While Vengeful Blood is active, your chance at performing a critical hit is increased by 10%, or by 25% with a charged cast.
    • Savage Strikes: Increase your damage output by 15% while Vengeful Blood is active. Charging the skill will grant a 25% boost to damage.
    • Focused Rage: You increased the duration of the Vengeful Blood effects by 25%.
    • Adrenaline Surge: Adrenaline Surge now temporarily increase your strength by +25. Charging your skill increase the benefit to +50.

Horn of Renew

    • Horn of Renew: 14.3 mana, 15 sec cooldown, 6m range, heals allies for 11-13 damage every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.
    • Increased Ranged: Increase the area-of-effect range of your horn blast to 8 meters.
    • Increased Duration: Increase the duration of the buffs from Horn of Renew by 25%.
    • Challenge: Charging the Horn of Renew will taunt all enemies within 8 meters of you.
    • Protective Shield: Charging your Horn of Renew puts a protective shield on your allies that will stop all incoming damage for 2 seconds.

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